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Ektar 100 Film Simulation- Closer to Film Look?

Updated: Feb 25

I don't know about you, but I personally love this profile!

One of the more overlooked Sony Film Simulation Recipes are also the ones that bring the most surprise, and that includes the Ektar 100 Recipe.

Truth is, I am constantly trying to showcase as many of the film simulation available, but as I keep creating new ones or updating the ones already existent, it's a complex and never ending work in progress.

Writing these articles, my goal is to answer questions in a much faster way, providing information regarding characteristics, usage, and of course Out of Camera JPEG Sample Images to showcase what each Sony Film Simulation recipe is capable of, at least until I will be able to create an moody video for each.

So today we are looking into one of the most overlooked Film Simulation, the Ektar100, one of the Initial 8 Film Picture Profile Created for Sony cameras.

This profile will give you beautiful, very natural looking skin tones with buttery smooth gradations between mid tones and shadows.

This profile will act similar to real film, the more you expose it correctly , the more vibrant the colors get.

Also as you expose more to the right, you will notice how some color change and shift to other directions.

In the manic pursuit of creating more Sony Film simulations, I had no time to test out older recipes and I forgot Completely about this one.

After I checked the pictures shot at yesterday's Gig, I was s surprised about the results that I just felt the urge to start writing about this Film Simulation and give it more attention.

Overall this is just a brief introduction to what Ektar100 is capable of, I will come back with more Out of Camera Samples.

Let us know what do you think about it so far, and which is your favorite Sony Film Simulation recipe?

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