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Freshly Baked Series | Let's Go Magical with Agfa Precisa

Updated: Aug 28

New Year Comes with a New Sony Film Simulation Recipe

Everytime I keep saying this is the last one, but I keep making more Sony Film Simulation Recipes, so here you have it!

First of all, I know it's New years Eve, everybody is busy with their thing, so this will be a short Blog Post about this Freshly Baked Sony Film Simulation Recipe.

The Agfa Precisa

This Film Simulation Will give you an instant Magical Mood, sprinkled with a touch of Natural Film look.

It has Gritty Contrast, Cold and Deep tones,

and overall Punchy Colors.

Check it out!

Overall this Picture Profile has pretty saturated colors.

Dominated by Deep Blues, Green shifted towards Cyan, Candy Reds and Earthy Yellows,

The Images will stand out and will cut down completely the Editing Process,

which only proves again that you can get Great Color Out of Sony cameras,

if you understand your camera well enough.

Here are some Quick Sample JPEGs taken around the house.

I'll probably come back with a more in depth blog post after I experiment a little bit more with it.

'Till then, let us know in the comments how you feel about it!

Get Great Color Out of Sony Cameras!

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