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CineGrit 16mm Film Print - Davinci Resolve Power Grade

CineGrit 16mm Film Print - Davinci Resolve Power Grade


Wanting a Natural Analog effect or a Super Crunchy & Nostalgic 16mm look? This Film Print has both offering great versatility from soft subtle looks to crunchy and empowering aesthetics, all sprinkled with amazing colors. It's just like being transported to another world.


Try this Film Power Grade and choose from 18 Natural Analog Film Looks.


For a more whimsical kind of Look,

check my 8mm Home Film Power Grades, or


For a highly refined Cinema Feeling, the Breathe In Film Power Grades are the choice for you!

  • License

    Thanks for your purchase!

    The license is given for an individual, so sharing these files is not permitted.

    It took a lot of research and work doing these powergrades, and I'm trying to keep the price as affordable as possible for everybody, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and please keep them for yourself.

    If anybody wants to have this product, just redirect them to the website to make a purchase.

    If you want to buy group license , email me and i will make for you a custom price:D. (minimum 5 individual licenses to be able to give you a  offer)

    Thanks for your understanding, and if you come across any issues, just shoot me a message or an email and i'll try to help you out!

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    How to Import & Use Power Grades

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