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♠️Cinestill X Film Simulation | Freshly Baked Series♠️

Updated: Mar 15

Very interesting request from one user, was the Cinestill X Film Simulation.

First time hearing about it and the image samples are quite amazing, so I was thrilled to start working on this new custom Sony Picture profile.

Photo of a cat taken with the CInestill BWXX Sony film simulation

The Cinestill X is a high density black n white film simulation recipe, meaning it will render the deepest tones you can possibly get from any Sony camera.

The images coming straight out of camera are quite amazing and unique, making this film recipe one of my favorites, next to the Kodak Tri-X 1600, and the Chroma Fade Film recipe.

Let's take a look at the results.

All shots taken with the Sony RX100 VI

It's really fun to take photos with the Sony RX100. I've talked many times about this compact camera on this blog, and after 8 months of using it, I would still highly recommend it for any leisure photography.

The RX100 is definitely not intended as a professional camera, it's not made for that.

It's made for situations where mobility, weight, stealth and ease of use are more important than bokeh, low light performance and other features which are trivial in a professional context.

I will not lie, I would love and APS-C sensor in this body, or at least a faster lens, but as a trade-off I get a 24-200mm equivalent in a body smaller than my smartphone. Not bad, not ideal either.

But I still take it with me everywhere, and it has replaced my full frame cameras only because of its size which is so convenient to carry around in any sized pocket. Lens is much better quality than a smartphone, I can still load up film simulations for great colors straight out of camera, and nobody will notice me using this tiny little camera when doing street photography.

I would market this camera as a fun tool to play with, great for travel pictures, street photography and taking snaps. It's more about being in the moment, being present. Less gear, more skill. The lack of bokeh means it's less forgiving with bad images, so

you really need to focus on finding good composition and an interesting story to get a great photo.

That being said, the following pictures are not my magnum opus, they are snaps taken on a weekend night, being drunk with my friends.

They are a good representation of how tones will be represented and the kind of noise you will get. It's not the best low light performer. it's going to be quite noisy.

Even when overexposed, the Cinestill X Sony Picture Profile keeps it's deep tonal ranges and imposing contrast.

The only detail that is left, is for you to try it and let us know how you feel about it.

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