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Independent Movie Revealing the subconscious depth of the human mind through elements of symbolism and mystery

Substrate is a film about the Hidden part of our humanity, about the subconscious mind

and mental disorders.


It is an existential film with symbolic notes that seeks to explore topics such as the complexity of human nature, along with all the layers that comes with it.

The purpose of the film is to arouse a state of self-reflection, our inner world and the emotions we experience every day.


Through this foray into the film itself, the film aims to raise the question: What happens when we treat fears and negative thoughts as real entities? What impact do these materialized ghosts have on our lives?

Faced with the experience of a man living in the shadow of mental disorders and trauma, the viewer finds himself.


The feature film "Substrate" opens a discussion about the natural and deeply human nature of mental disorders. A discussion of the importance of reflecting, both individually and socially, on mental disorders.

​It is a personal project that I had in mind for many years, and last year I started to materialize it, its purpose being to discover the depths of the human mind, the subconscious, hence the origin of the name "Substrate".

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