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Kodak Color Plus 200 Film Simulation on Sony a7III| It Starts Like a Dream

This is a #FreshlyBaked Series. Went out with my friend Andrew for a quick coffee and took some shots with the Kodak Color Plus 200 film simulation on the Sony a7III, and the results are absolutely amazing.

He also likes to shoot film, you can check out Andrei's Instagram.

P.S — these photos were taken with the Sony a7III. Check your menu to see if your Sony camera has a Picture Profile menu! Most do.

Sony a7III film simulation

Sony a7III, Sigma 24mm f2 Contemporary & the 7artisans Black Mist filter — a match made in heaven

All shots were taken with the Sony a7III + Sigma 24mm f2 Contemporary and with the 7artisans Black Mist filter on top. Thought I'd share my thoughts since I'm really loving this combo. This filter is so freaking good!

To be honest, I didn't have huge expectations, given it only set me back about 30 bucks. But it has really blown me away. Many companies choose to sacrifice on quality on their budget-friendly options.

But not this one.

Glowy Flower picture with ColorPlus film simulation On Sony a7iii

I liked it so much that I didn't want to take it off!

The images get this beautiful softness that's really subtle, and it offers a beautiful highlight roll off and glow that's not too harsh. It just wraps everything in a film-like image straight out of camera. And it's quickly becoming my favorite add-on. Just thought I'd share in case any of you are looking to play around with filters — this one certainly delivers more than you'd think.

And in combination with the Sigma Contemporary line — it's an absolute killer, honestly.


If you want to see more samples of this combo, check out the Sony Ektachrome Film Simulation Article!


The Kodak Color Plus 200 Film - another beloved classic

Kodak ColorPlus 200 film — another true classic of the film world. From what I read, it first hit the shelves back in 1972 under the Kodacolor II name. Since then, it's gone through some name changes over the years but remained widely available in 35mm and 120 formats.

This budget-friendly stock has always had mass appeal thanks to its fun, vibrant look. In terms of grain, it's pretty similar to the Kodak Gold film. Yeah, the grain structure isn't the absolute smoothest out there, but it surely gives images plenty of pop.

Kodak Color Plus 200 Film Simulation on Sony a7III -balanced & earthy

So back to the main subject — the Kodak Color Plus 200 Film Simulation.

Obviously, seen from the photos above, it's a slightly warm toned Sony Film Recipe with soft contrast and rather high dynamic range that will render beautiful colors.

When you use this Kodak Color Plus film simulation, you'll see that shadows are shifted towards green, skies towards teal and skin tones will be pink orange. Overall, very well-balanced, rendering orange earthy hues.

I can see this custom Sony picture profile being used for portraits, travel, leisure photography, street photography, still life, sunsets.

Comparing Sony a7III Film Simulations — Kodak Gold vs ColorPlus

Kodak Color Plus vs Kodak Gold film simulation recipe

This Sony Picture Profile is similar to the Kodak Gold Film Simulation, but with balanced contrast, lower saturation, subtle highlight roll off and overall more pleasing tonalities, in my opinion.

Maybe it's time to update the Kodak Gold 200, for better color rendition and softer highlights. It feels a little crunchy at the moment.

Also, the colors will differ between the 2, Kodak Gold 200 being mostly based on a warm color specter like Red Yellow, while Kodak Color Plus 200 will have a Colder base with shades of Warm Greens.

Kodak Color Plus 200 vs Sony's Standard Colors

To get a good idea of this profile, here are a couple of comparison shots with Sony's Standard Colors.

What do you think of this Kodak Color Plus Film Simulation for Sony?

Want to give these film simulations a try?

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Fred McCann
Fred McCann
16 maj 2023

Big fan of the mixed in comparisons to sony standard color!

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