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Velvia Film Simulation on Sony Cameras | Freshly Baked Series

So many of you requested that I create a Fuji Velvia film simulation on Sony cameras. Now it's here, and I really like it!

velvial film simulation on sony camera

Velvia Film Simulation Recipe on Sony Camera using Picture Profiles

Velvia film recipe - Sony vs Fuji Colors Comparison

I used a color checker to shoot identical scenes with a Fuji camera using its built-in Velvia simulation alongside my Sony version.

P.S - learning how to use a color checker in real-life situations is super crucial if you want to compare film simulations recipes or if you want to compare how different cameras perform in the same situation.

Alright, back to our main topic.

The differences are remarkably subtle. With an accuracy of 90-95% compared to the original Fujifilm simulation - I consider this film simulation a success.

This is another proof that Sony colors don't suck and the cameras can be truly limitless. The most important aspect when you want to achieve great colors out of camera is knowing your camera.

P.S - a little color theory goes a long way as well.


If you'd like to see other recreations of Fuji's film check out this article to see the Fuji Fortia 50 film simulation in action. On Sony cameras.


Alright, check out the results!

#1 - Color

Sony vs Fuji Colors Comparison

Custom White Balance Set with the help of a Grey Card.

FujiFilm Velvia Film Simulation

fujifilm velvia film simulation on color checker

Sony Velvia

velvia film simulation on sony - color checker example

Of course, there are some slight differences, but to me they are very minor. And these are straight out of camera shots which I got by using the Sony Picture Profile menu, so it's not short of impressive that we can achieve this film look by only using the in-camera tools that Sony provides.

Just imagine how much time you can save color correcting & color grading.

just by using this In-Camera Picture Profile Film Recipe.

Anyways, the differences will be noticeable only if you put them side by side, and really start comparing closely the values of Hue, Luma, and Saturation.

The main differences in color that are more noticeable are the blues from the upright corner. Fuji's colors are darker and shifted towards magenta, while Sony's colors are brighter and shifted toward teal.

As you can notice, there is a slight difference in Magenta's between the two cameras,

but it's neglectable.

Greens on Fuji are shifted towards Teal while Sony is more true to real life.

Besides these, it's rather hard to find differences, and even if there are, it's ever so slightly and honestly nobody will notice.

Even for me, it's pretty hard to notice them, I have to put them on top of each other in Davinci and keep sliding through each one to check the main distinctions.

#2. Contrast

In terms of contrast and overall Tones - they are pretty much identical, and it's really hard to find any differences between the two.

One major detail I noticed is that Fuji has a green shift in the highlights and the brighter yellow tones.

Sony is handling the Highlight Roll-off much better and with more pleasing tones.

(noticeable in the desk color)


fujifilm velvia film simulation


velvia film simulation on sony

Shifting the brightest yellows towards green can get tricky when shooting Portraits,

because many times we have yellow tones in our skin tones, and this can bring unpleasant colors to our models' faces.

This can mean a little bit extra time to color correct in post. And that's why I like the Sony a little bit more here. That, and it has more reach in terms of Dynamic Range.

The green tint can also be caused by a Grey Card White Balancing Error, or just how the Fujifilm sensor reads out the Perfect White Balance.

Let's Check the Differences

Fuji has not correctly balanced the Greys

fujifilm colors

Sony is closer

sony camera white balance

What these short comparisons show is that Fuji might render a warmer image due to the incorrect white balancing.

We might have seen improved results in the highlights if the camera had set the custom White Balance perfectly. Or at least closer to the real Grey Value.

Finishing thoughts

I'll finish this article before it gets too technical and boring. What do you think of the Velvia film simulation recipe? Does it hit the mark?

For me, this New Sony Film Simulation came out much better than I expected, it was a little bit of a hassle, but definitely worth it.

We currently have 40 Sony Film Recipes. Stay tuned for more to come!

Have a Great Day! :D


This is wonderful! I've been requesting for this for a while. Glad to see it here finally! Great work :)

Veres Deni Alex
Veres Deni Alex
Feb 08, 2023
Replying to

Glad you are enjoying it! Check All the New Sony Film Simulations, created a couple Original ones on the 4th page

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