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How to Use a Color Checker | Comparing Sony Film Simulations

photography color checker

A while ago I posted a Blog article showcasing all 40+ Sony Film Simulations using the Color Checker. You can check the article right Here.

This comparison might have produced a lot of confusion for some, since many don't know how to use a color checker in real-life situations besides getting perfectly accurate colors.

So, I came today explaining in detail the meaning of each square of the Color Checker for easier logical use, and so we can use it as reference when comparing Sony Film Simulations and not only!

Here is a color reference for the color checker.

Here is a real-life example for each color, and where you might find these hues around you, but it's not limited only to these items.

So by knowing what these colors actually mean and represent, we gain understanding how these Sony Picture Profiles will affect out images.

For example these are Sony's Standard colors compared to my Cinestill 50D Film Picture Profile together with the Website Color Adjustment Applied.

Now that you know the meaning of each color square on the Color Checker, you can start using it as a reference.

When looking at both, we can see by using the Cinestill 50D Film Recipe the skies will be shifted towards magenta, Greens will be shifted towards Cyan, Yellows are desaturated and toned down, and skin tones are rather earthy, Reds being shifted towards Orange.

By using the Film Recipe in combination with the Color Adjustments found in the Sony Film Simulation Pack, Yellows are normalized, and purples get amplified, giving this Sony Film Picture Profile a Blue Velvet look to it.

At the moment we have more than 40 Sony Film Simulations, so it can be hard to choose your favorite if you have to test each film recipe individually.

That's why I created the Sony Film Simulation Chart, to easily identify your desired Picture Profile based on Image Tonality & Saturation. >Download it Here<

In combination with the Sony Film Chart, you can also use this Article to Download each individual Film Simulation Color Checker, and compare with Sony's Standard Colors or with different Sony Film Recipes.

Anything you'd like me to discuss about or explain in the next article?

Let us know in the comments.

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3 commentaires

03 févr.

Hello, do you have a picture profile just to make A7RIII colors more accurate ?

Thanks ☺️


about black and white recipes, those where there is no recommended white balance, should we choose to use an automatic balance?

Veres Deni Alex
Veres Deni Alex
04 mai 2023
En réponse à

Yep, you can use Auto White Balance, Preferably White Priority

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