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Sony Film Simulation Recipes Film Recipes Picture Profile Settings


All the film stocks you love Baked into your Sony. 

You’ve probably been searching high and low to get closer to Film with your Sony camera

That’s why your Sony camera just sits there collecting dust, even tho’ you’re dying to take it out for a shoot.


Sure. Its dynamic range is great, and the low-light performance and autofocus are impressive. 


But there’s one thing that’s stopping you. 


Handling Sony’s colors can be a real pain. You spend hours in post-processing trying to make your shots look the way you want them to. 


It’s easy to feel creatively stuck. Film stock prices are through the roof and seeing Fuji users having a blast with the film simulations leaves you feeling defeated. While Fuji’s film simulations are cool, you’re swooning over Sony’s features.


But here's the thing: you don't have to settle for dull colors, hours of post-processing, or bullshit LUTs that don’t deliver. 


What if you could bring life into your Sony and get awesome colors, straight out of the camera?


Just by using the Picture Profile Menu. 


Yep. JPEGs with that film look. 


You see…


Like most people, I used to think that the Sony Picture Profiles were just flat starting points for post-processing. But then I started experimenting with them. And it was like a door full of possibilities opened up. It was a ticket out of the creative rut I was in. 


That’s the best part about them.


These Sony film simulation recipes aren't just about making your footage look cool.


You spend 8 hours a day crunching your back like a croissant to edit your shots.


That’s what makes the analog shooting experience so alluring.


As much as we love the control + flexibility that digital gives us, there’s nothing quite like the nostalgic charm of film. And the experience that comes with it. 


Film forces you to be in the moment. To observe the scene. 


How it’s lit. How it moves and flows.


It gets you out there in the world and out of your chair. It forces you to be in the moment..


To click into the scene.

And with these Sony film simulation recipes, you bring a part of the analog shooting experience to your digital camera


When creating these, I really wanted to emulate the look of the most-loved film stocks. Think Portra 800, Classic Chrome, the Classic Negative film simulation, and more. Just load a recipe and you’re good to go.


Plus, these film simulations are customizable. So you can use them in commercial settings or to create your own signature look. Want more contrast? Dial it up. Need to desaturate a lil bit? No problem. It's like having a personal lab right in your camera.


So dust off your Sony camera and start creating. The possibilities are endless.

sony film simulations

Edit less, capture more.

→ Ready-to-go JPEGs + Videos at the press of a button with the Sony Film Simulation recipes. 

→ Enhanced skin tones and color reproduction, 

→ Reduce post-processing time by at least 90%.

Ignite your creativity

→ Choose your favorite film stock from 40+ film recipes.

→ Each recipe comes with customized color settings

→ You get the versatility you need to use in all settings. 

→ Customizable recipes which help you build your signature look.

sony picture profiles
sony picture profiles

Stay updated.

Stay updated as long as I work on this project.

→ One Time Payment & You get Updates on modifications or any New Sony Film Simulation Recipes I release.


Seamless RAW Workflow

→Consistent results, from camera to edit. 

→ Shoot with your desired recipe and get the same results in post by taking advantage of the Lightroom & Capture one Film Simulation Presets.

sony film recipe
Sony Film Simulation Chart Picture profile Settings Sony Creative Styles

Film Simulation CHart

Stop second-guessing,

Use the Free Film Simulation Chart to choose the right

Picture Profile for you. 

Be part of a community

Join the forum to share your work, film simulations, chat & connect with other Sony users.

sony film recipes
Sony Film Simulation recipes Sony Picture profile Settings

Simplify your workflow. From camera to post. 


Get the Sony Film Simulations.


Use the chart to find the right picture profile for you.


Load the Sony Film Recipes and enjoy shooting Great  Looking JPEGs


Use the RAW presets and cut down post processing time by at least 90%

What do people say?

Frequently asked questions

1. Is my camera compatible?

The latest version is updated to the Sony a6700 color science, but all Sony cameras with the picture profile menu are compatible, with the slight need of in-camera color matching. Even if you have an older camera, it can be closely color matched with a couple simple adjustments.

Mirrorless cameras including, and all newer models starting from the Sony a7S I, a7II, a7C, a7CR, a7RII, a9 III, a6300, ZV1, ZV-1F, ZV-E10, ZV-E1, Sony a1, RX100 IV, and all the newer models released after these models are compatible.


The following Cinema models are compatible:

FX30, FX3.

The FX6, FX9, &  the Venice have a different menu and require different settings.


Some Sony Camcorders are compatible with Sony Film Simulation Picture Profiles.


At the moment, the RX1 RII Full frame camera does not have the picture profile menu, so it's not compatible.

Hopefully, they’ll include it in the newer models.

2. What are Sony Picture Profiles?

Sony Picture Profiles are In Camera settings that allow users to adjust the camera's color, contrast, and other image parameters to achieve a specific look or style. These profiles can be customized by adjusting settings such as gamma, black level, color mode, saturation, sharpness, Color Phase, and Color Depth.
Basically, they are a way of editing your image in-camera, which can reduce or even eliminate the need for color correction and grading during post-processing. They will give you better skin tones and enhanced colors for portraits, fashion, street photography and so on, elevating your photography and video experience while shooting and post processing.
Sony cameras typically come with a range of pre-installed Picture Profiles, and users can also create their own custom profiles. Some popular Picture Profiles include S-Log, which is used for high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, and Cine1 and Cine4, which emulate the tonality and look of film.
Working with the custom picture profile will render better images from the camera, since these profiles process video signals before compressing. It changes the contrast and corrects color before the image quality gets damaged by compression. That’s one of the reasons why you get great colors out of camera.

3. Do your Sony Film Simulation Recipes work for Stills & Video?

Yes, they work for both photo and video modes.
Just remember to shoot RAW+JPEG for photos. The Film recipes will be baked into the JPEG only, and if you want to continue post-processing your RAW files, I have prepared RAW Presets for you to continue your workflow seamlessly in
Adobe Lightroom and Capture One.

4. Do I need to edit my shots after using these Sony Film Simulations?
The idea of Film recipes is to bring the best colors out of camera, with enhanced skin tones, and color reproduction.
These Film Recipes will give you really nice colors out of camera and do not require grading necessarily. But if you want to take it a step further and make your shots look incredible, you can definitely continue with the post processing.
5. What Film Simulation Recipes are included in this package? 
A couple Film Stocks that are included in this package are:

Kodak Portra 800, Portra 400, Portra 160, Cinestill 800T, Classic Chrome, Classic Negative, Astia, Kodachrome 64, Kodak Tri-X, FujiFilm Astia, Ektachrome, Cinestill 50D, FujiFilm Eterna, Classic Chrome, Fuji Superia 400, Kodak Ultra Max 400,
Velvia 50, Kodak Gold 200, Ektar 100 , FujiFilm 400h,
Eterna Simulation, Fortia 50,
and more.
6. How good are your Film Simulations?
I stopped editing my RAW files for some time now. I still shoot RAW+JPEG, but choose to edit my colors only when I take a great one, with the purpose of printing it or for portfolio showcase. But in general usage, I just cut down the extra hours spent editing and use the JPEGs instead. 
Check the Blog for SOOC Images to get an idea of the mood and color tone you can get using Sony Film Simulations.
>Sony Film Blog<
7. Does Sony have Film Simulation Recipes?
Yes, by using the Picture Profile Menu.
Through customizing our Picture Profile Menu, we can achieve Film like image straight out of camera. With enhanced color, contrast and overall better colors, we reduce the time spent post processing and feel more inspired.

Sony Film Simulation Recipes takes the big load of our workflow and helps us work less, spend less time in front of the PC and more time creating and enjoying the process.

So check them out!
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