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🍉Fujifilm Fortia 50 Film Simulation🍉

The Fuji Fortia is one of my favorite film simulations. This is not going to appeal to everyone. But if you are into images with character and imposing looks, you might like this one. ⬇️

Fuji Fortia 50 is a head-turner. With its vibrant and deep colors, it will transport the viewer into a realm of magic.

I love it for street photography, but it’s versatile for any situation. It transforms the mundane into the amazing.

All shots were taken on Sony RX100 VI.

Rx100 is too sharp. No doubt about it, and no matter how much you tweak the settings inside the camera, it's a 1-inch sensor with a lens of 2.8-5.6, so it's always going to be rather sharp. Also, there is no filter thread on the lens, so you have no chance of softening the image straight out of the camera, unless.... you use the hyperfocal distance technique.

The hyperfocal technique, for those who haven't heard of it, sounds like this, you basically set your aperture to a really high number and manually set your focus to a fixed point, so that after a certain distance (2m) everything will be in focus, or slightly in focus.

That means I can offset the focus point so everything will be in focus and out of focus in the same time, cutting the digital edge and giving a soft film-like image straight out of the box while also saving some juice on the batteries

I've set the focus on Manual mode, my aperture to F11 and you can check the results for yourself.

Finally, the Fuji Fortia 50 recipe is definitely for the creative souls. It opens a door for experimentation.

So don't be afraid to over or underexpose, find new interesting compositions, and shift the temperature in different directions for wild color shifting. Unleash your creative side! 😊

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Veres Deni Alex
Veres Deni Alex
Sep 07, 2023
Replying to

That's really cool, thanks. I think i'll buy it

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