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⛱️ Best Sony Picture Profile | Comparing All Sony Film Simulations

Summer comes with a couple surprises.

I wanted to bring a new updated before the seasons starts, so everybody can enjoy the improved recipes, and not only. I've also added 15 new film simulations to the bundle, making them a total of 66, and I can't wait to hear what you think about them!

If you bought the product, please check your email inbox and spam folders for the download link. In the case my emails are in the spam folders, please mark me as 'not spam', otherwise you will miss all my future emails as well. If you haven't received an email, then please contact me and I will prepare a private one for you. Thanks!

I've been working on this update for the past half year, carefully testing each film recipe to see what can be improved to bring them even closer to an authentic film look. Most film recipes received at least small adjustments, while some had a complete makeover, and after reviewing the photos on the big screen some of them will expect even further updates in the future.

Like always, I chose a location which encompasses a full range of colors, for a clear understanding on how these recipes react in a real world situation.

The whole comparison took almost 4 hours, so the light will be changing.

Skin tones are great in spite of the green cast given by the grass surrounding the model. It's May, so the greens are still pretty lush and vibrant at this point, soon to be dusted off by the warmth and draft of the summer. I honestly enjoyed the results showcased in the last comparison much more. Those seemed nicer to my eyes because the light was softer in autumn and there was a yellow-amber cast from the dry grass in the woods. Even tho, this particular scenario is not necessarily a bad thing, as it's showcases how well these film simulations handle colors and dynamic range even in harsh situations.

So without further ado, let's see the results. At the time of publishing this article, there are a total of 66 Sony film recipes.

Best Sony Picture Profiles - a real-life comparison of the updated simulations

Sony a6700 - with 16-55mm f2.8 G lens - SEL1655G

All shots are SOOC, shot in HEIF 4:2:2, then exported at web size for faster loading.

Sony Standard 5500K Sunny & Cloudy on a shade

Sony Film Simulation Recipes

Vektro 100

Sony picture profile Vektroo 100 for landscape street photography

Senova Light

soft portrait picture profile settings


fuji 400h film recipe for sony cameras, picture profiles for great portraits


Ektar 100

authentic ektar 100 film simulation recipe great for landscape portraits street photography

Kodak Gold 200

kodak gold has beautiful golden skintones with soft tonalities great for portrait, travel, landscape and pretty much any kind of photography

Kodak Portra 800

the absolute best portrait picture profile for sony cameras, beautiful soft contrast and highly saturated colors giving a amazing candy look for any skin tones

Kodak Portra 400

Kodak Portra 160

Kodak Color Plus 200

Kodak Ultra Max 400


Kodachrome V1

Kodachrome V2

kodachrome 64 film simulation recipe for sony cameras


replicating leica colors on sony cameras

Sony Eterna

fujifilm eterna on sony cameras

Fuji Eterna

fuji eterna film simulations on sony cameras

Classic Chrome

classic chrome film emulation for sony cameras, one of the most beloved film simulations for any type of photography


soft and subtle astia film simulations great for portraits travel and leisure photography

Velvia pro

Fuji Provia

Sony Provia

Acros X

Acros XY

Acros XR

Acros XG

Fujifilm Fortia 50

fujifilm fortia film simulation recipe

Sony Classic Negative

classic negative film simulations for sony cameras

Nostalgic Neg

nostalgic neg film simulation

Classic Cinema


sony pictur eprofile for landscapes

Zero Mute


best HLG picture profile settings for sony cameras


CineStill 50D / Blue Velvet

Cinestill 800T

cinestill 800T film recipe for sony cameras

Cinestill X

cinestill x film simulation, sony jpeg recipe shooting portraits

Kodak T-Max 100

Ilford Delta 3200


Chroma Fade

Kodak Tri-X 1600

kodak tri-x 1600 film simulations

Kodak Tri-X 400


Ilford HP5

Midred Infra

infrared film simulation


Agfa Precisa

using agfa precisa film simulation in nature and for portrait photography

RedScale Ultra

Zetra 100

best nostalgic film simulation recipes, zetra 100

Rose Spectra

sony portrait jpeg recipes

Asteroid City

asteroid city film simulation recipe

Ayon 200

artistic film simulation recipes

Phoenix Harman

Phoenix Harman film recipe has punchy colors and bold character and it's great for street photography, creative portraits, landscape shots, or anything that needs bold look straight out of camera


Phenomena film simulation



Acidnom is a magical film simulation recipe which will give your images a highly vibrant and saturated colors that resemble pictures coming from a fantasy world or movie

Estra 500

best portrait film simulation, amazing portrait film recipe

Arista EDU

Arista EDU film simulation recipe


the deepest black and white film simulation you can find on the internet, nothing beats the X-tar film simulation whenit comes to deep monochromatic contrast and three dimensional depth, a film recipe great for street photography documentary or fo creative punchy portraits

Magic Spice

Amarelo 30D

GAF 500

Vespera - Night

best night time picture profiles for sony cameras

Veniliqum - Night

custom sony picture profiles for night time

Gold Luxe - Night

custom sony picture profiles for night time

Use the Film Presets for a quick and easy workflow

If you also want to shoot RAW and get the look of the in-camera film emulation - for a professional project for example, I'm in the process of updating the film presets for Lightroom and Capture One. All you have to do is select the preset and choose the film emulation you shot with, and it will bring your RAW closer to the in-camera look. No tedious color grading required.

Worth mentioning these recipes were calibrated on the a6700, and like any presets otherwise, might render different colors on different cameras, and that is because each camera has its own color science. Most differences will be seen when using these film presets with older cameras. That is perfectly normal as Sony kept improving the color science throughout the years. It is not possible for a preset to take all the cameras and match them all in the same color mapping. That has to be done manually, which in most cases is not a big deal. These presets were created to closely match the a6700 raw files to the in camera film simulation. This camera model shares virtually the same color science as other newly release models, like the a7C II, a7CR, ZV-E10, A7RV, a9, a1 and so on. The ones which will be seeing most differences, are the older Sony models. a7III, a7C, a7SIII, a7RIII and so on.

P.S - these are not LUTs, but photo presets - meaning they are fully flexible, and pack the power to adjust multiple parameters for a truly seamless, film-like final image. And by playing around with the variants, you'll get a more refined look.

Shoot More. Edit Less

Hope this comparison helps you understand the differences between all Film Recipes!

Use this guide in tandem with the official Sony Film Simulation Chart to pinpoint the perfect look for your project. Whether you're after the moody tones of Tri-X or the vibrant punch of Velvia, you'll know exactly which Sony Picture Profile to reach for.

Download both the comparison and the Chart as a PDF Document.

Sony Film Simulation Tutorials

Here is a playlist with short form content showcasing the basic workflow.

Check it out!

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Just tried out the Porta 800, nice work!

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Will these recipes work on the Sony A6400

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They do. I use them on mine

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