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Acros X - Sony Film Simulation Black n White Recipes | Freshly Baked Series

Updated: May 6, 2023

Haven't forgot about all the BnW shooters out there!

Felt like there weren't enough Black & White Film Simulation Recipes,

so I made a couple more to complete the circle.

With these New Sony Simulations it was never was easier to match you Sony camera with your Fuji for a seamless workflow.

All Black n White lovers will adore these.

Compared to the Fujifilm Recipes, they are pretty much indistinguishable,

so you will see no difference between a Fuji and a Sony.

Here are some sample images,

For reference First is Sony Second is Fuji.

Now you can match Sony with Fuji cameras without any hassle.


Sony Acros X vs Fuj Acros

Sony vs Fuj Acros Y

Sony vs Fuj Acros R

Sony vs Fuj Acros G

There a couple more Original Black 'n' White Sony Film Recipes which you might have not tried yet.

Here are some samples for comparison.

My absolute Favorite Black & White Sony Film Simulation is the MidRed Infra, because of its powerful contrast and Unique Infrared Look. It's not for everyone, some might go with Delta 3200 for its soft well balanced tonalities.

Which one is your favorite?

What do you think of Acros X Film Recipes, can you notice any difference?

Just posted the Settings on the Sony Film Simulation Page.

Continue your RAW workflow seamlessly in Lightroom or Capture One

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2월 28일

why are your images so dark. They look under exposed.

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