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capture one film presets

Sony Film Simulation Presets - Capture One Styles


Do you love the look of Sony Film Simulations, but want to edit your photos in RAW format? Keep it raw with these Lightroom Film Presets. All while keeping your editing workflow fast & seamless. 


These presets have been created with the Sony a6700. However, as with all presets, using them on a different camera model may result in slight variations due to the unique color science of each camera. This is particularly noticeable when using much older Sony models, as the Sony improved the color science dramatically over the past couple years. 


Here’s how the Lightroom film presets will help you: 


✔️ Make your color matching workflow 10x easier. No more guessing or tweaking. Just select the preset that matches your Sony Film Simulation and boom! You’re done. 


✔️ Match the look of your favorite Sony Film Simulations, without giving up RAW power. 


✔️ Get as close as possible to the film stock outcome you’re so used to & love.


This pack of film presets for Lightroom includes


  • 1 base preset to match your Sony Film Simulation Jpeg look. This is a 1:1 replica of the in camera look, meaning you will get a similar look with the straight out of camera JPEG for easier RAW → JPEG matching.


  • Variations of the base look. These film presets for Lightroom come closer to the authentic look of the original Film Stocks. Sony’s picture profile menu doesn’t allow for tweaks in Hue and Saturation. With these variations, I have used all the available color grading tools of the editing software to refine the film look closer to the authentic film roll. These will bring you closer than ever to the real film stock. 


  • You’ll get 50+ film simulation presets that recreate the look of your favorite film stocks, like Kodak Ektar, Portra, Kodak Gold, Fuji Velvia, Cinestill, and more. 


  • A total of 100+ presets to cover any situation and mood.


Bring the analog charm to your digital workflow with this pack of +100 Lightroom film presets. 

  • Compatibility & Usage

    The latest version was calibrated to the Sony a6700.

    Each camera sensor differs in color science. Consequently, when using these presets with different camera models it might result in differences in colors. This is normal and you will never be able to create a raw preset that matches all cameras together perfectly. Because each camera has different color mapping, the presets might affect the raw files differently on each camera. The differences will be most noticeable if there is a huge gap between the model the presets have been calibrated on, and the camera you are using (ex. calibrated to a6700, but presets used on a7II). Even tho there is they might still help you match your RAW to JPEG faster. Newer cameras should not have problems as they are very close in color science to the a6700.

    One more important detail to mention is the Effect of the Gamma on RAW files. The in-camera Gamma of choice will alter the contrast of the RAW files when imported into your editing software. So for best accuracy, use the matching preset to the film simulation used in camera.

    If you decide to apply other presets, the contrast will differ slightly to how the film simulation would actually look in camera. The difference might, or might not matter to you, but it's important to mention this before hand.

    You might decide to use these presets without applying any in camera film simulations, or maybe you want to use it on different camera brands that you have, like Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Olympus, Leica etc. You can do that, but it's important to know the results will differ from what you would get from a Sony in-camera.

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