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Red halation lightroom brush presets

Red Halation - Lightroom Brush Presets


Emulating film is more than just getting the colors right. And these Lightroom Red Halation Brush presets will get you there. With just two clicks, you can easily reproduce that natural Red Halation Effect that made Cinestill 800T so popular, as well as the blown out highlights and light leaks specific to film. 


What does this Lightroom brush pack include? 


✔️ 1 blown out highlights brush. 

✔️ 3 light leak brush presets. 

✔️ 12 halation effect brushes.


With the Red Halation Lightroom Brushes, you can effortlessly process your digital footage to look like authentic film rolls, without the hassle and the cost of classical film stock.


Pair them these film presets for Lightroom to get the look of your favorite film stocks. 


  • How to add brushes to Lightroom?

    1. Go to the Presets tab in Lightroom, then to Show All Other Lightroom Presets.

    2. Open the Local Adjustment Presets folder. 

    3. Copy & paste the brushes to this folder. 

  • Is this a halation lut?

    No - this is a LIghtroom Brush pack. You choose the brush you want, apply the effect in the areas of interest, and voilà - you get that halation effect in Lightroom. 

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