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35mm 'Breathe In'  Film - Authentic 35mm Film Power Grades

35mm 'Breathe In' Film - Authentic 35mm Film Power Grades


Authentic 35mm Film Look for both Log and Rec709 Footage

The 'Breathe In Film' is a Power Grade that will give you a Feal Cinema Feeling & Analog Film Look on any kind of footage Rec709, Log, 16bit RAW 10bit and even 8bit.


It's all about subtle differences and refined color adjustments. If you want something more vibrant and crunchy check my Super 8mm Home Film Power Grades or KineRec 16mm Film Print


Check out the Presentation Video Here

Tutorial on How to Use Power Grades Here


The Breathe In Film Power Grade comes with

16 different Daytime Variations and

4 Nighttime Variations.


This Power Grade is very flexible and applicable on any kind of footage, Log or Rec709, 8bit or 10 bit. It's finely adjuested so color won't fall appart and will give you beautiful color tones.

If you are using Log, Apply a CST Node (Color Space Transform Node)  set input gamma and color space, then all you need to, is adjust the Contrast and Saturation to your liking.


If you are new to power grades and want to know how to Export them as LUTs  for Premier, Final Cut or any other editing software, check out my complete tutorial on how to use them:

How to Import & Use Power Grades to Create Your Own Custom Film LUTs



  • Individual License

    Thanks for your purchase!

    The license is given for an individual, so sharing these files is not permitted. Please keep them for yourself.

    It took a lot of research and work doing these powergrades, and I'm trying to keep the price as affordable as possible for everybody, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and please keep them for yourself.

    If anybody wants to have this product, just redirect them to the website to make a purchase.

    If you want to buy group license , email me and i will make for you a custom price:D. (minimum 5 individual licenses to be able to give you a  offer)

    Thanks for your understanding, and if you come across any issues, just shoot me a message or an email and i'll try to help you out!

  • Tutorial

    How to Import & Use Power Grades

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