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'Feel Free' Cinema LUTs

'Feel Free' Cinema LUTs


Signature Rec709 conversion LUTs for Sony Canon,Fuji are included in this LUT pack.

Compatible with Premiere Pro, Final Cut X, Avid, Davinci Resolve and more.


The 'Feel Free' Cinema LUTs are the perfect way to add a natural analog feel to your images. With 10 unique flavors, these LUTs are designed to give your Log, or Rec709 footage a unique look only with a simple drag and drop.

These LUTs can be applied on both Log and Rec709 footage.


Bring your footage to life with the 'Feel Free' Cinema LUTs and create beautiful images with a single click.


You can also try the Free version as Instagram Filters. Get a glimpse of Cinema on your Smartphone! Download them for FREE as Instagram Filters. Try Them Out Here

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