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The CineChrome Sony Film Simulation Recipe I Freshly Baked Series

This new #sonyfilmsimulation will just blow your mind!

At least that's how I felt after testing it. I present to you the CineChrome film simulation!

chrome film simulation

It's amazing what a good night's sleep & being in the zone can do for your productivity!

Some Sony picture profiles took me literally months to create, and others took me just a few hours in an inspired afternoon, and CineChrome is one of the latter.

After just under 2 years, we have 26 Sony film simulations. As a rule, the more I create the easier it gets to come up with new Sony Picture Profiles. The first 8 Sony film simulations took about a year to create. Now, there are over 50 custom Sony picture profiles available.

The CineChrome Film Simulation for Sony

And that leads us to the CineChrome Sony film simulation - after creating this profile in an inspired afternoon, I was absolutely blown out with what I managed to do in a couple of hours. Arguably the best - yet definitely one of my top Sony picture profile so far.

chrome film simulation

High Dynamic Range, gradual transitions between highlights and shadows, low noise ratio, and absolutely gorgeous eye-catching film colors - what more could you ask for?

Featuring complementary Teal and Orange chromaticity and beautiful 'Cyan-ish' Greens and Deep Blue tones, this profile lifts the weight of your color grading abilities!


You can also see the Classic Chrome recipe for Sony in action, compared to the FujiFilm one!


It looks like it's already been graded, we just need to adjust the contrast, maybe also shift the hue towards green to give it a more film-like mood, but we can also do that in camera. So it couldn't be easier than this!

It all sounds too good to be true, so here are some sample JPEGs straight out of the camera:

CineChrome film simulation - shots taken in Bucharest

On my trip to Bucharest, I wanted to present 5 Film simulations while doing some street photography, but after using the CineChrome Film simulation, it was really hard to make the switch to anything else.

All that because it's such a lovely film simulation with amazing tones and colors, and that is coming from a Sony camera, don't forget that. Who said Sony colors suck? Maybe we need a better understanding of the menu and what our cameras are capable of.

Would you further edit these shots or do you think they look great

Freshly Baked Out of Camera?

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댓글 5개

2023년 11월 18일

Wow it looks incredible have you got the setting you used to create this ?

Veres Deni Alex
Veres Deni Alex
2023년 12월 21일

Hats off sir! This is a brilliant simulation, and definitely my favourite so far. I think this will be my go-to for most daylight situations, still yet to try it at night but we'll see. Cheers!

Veres Deni Alex
Veres Deni Alex
2022년 12월 14일
답글 상대:

it will be pretty good nighttime as well, somewhere between cine1 which is the lowlight king, and slog which has the most dynamic range. so probably the best of both worlds

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