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Get Closer to Film | Kodak Ultra Max 400 Sony Film Simulation

Updated: Apr 29

I think you gonna love this update.

Last year around this time the Kodak Ultra Max used to be my favorite Sony Film Simulation recipe, since then many things changed, many Sony Film Simulations have been created, but sometimes it's time to get back to the roots, and where it all started. And it was high time for a New Update on the Kodak Ultra Max 400 Film Recipe.

The old version used to have a desaturated crunchy look which worked in a vast majority on situations, but after reviewing more real life film references, it felt like the film recipe needed some adjustments.

▼Old version ▼

The Kodak Ultra Max was always, and will continue to be, a Sony Film Simulation characterized by versatility and ease of use, but now it's adding on top of that a good balance of contrast, with deep and rich colors.

Most of the colors will have to benefit from the update, but mainly the green which will be shifted towards Cyan, and the Blues which are deep and saturated.

Having pleasing skin tones, deep and rich colors, moody contrast but without going overboard, I can see this film simulation recipe becoming one of the favorites for most users.

Underexposed, but straight out of camera

▲Correctly exposed▲

With this profile I usually underexpose by -0.3 to -0.7 stops, but you can definitely overexpose, and even in hot areas like her hand the skin roll off comes out really nice.

Nightime I would underexpose by 1 or 2 stops, but this is my personal preference since my style is darker, you can definitely expose brighter and I recommend experimenting in finding your own preference.

My whole city is in renovation, the weather is extremely unstable, sometimes raining other times snowing, the streets are filled with mud from all the digging, and usually I don't even bother to shoot in these dull, cloudy, grey days, but in combination with film simulation, the images still come out amazing, which is not something you hear very often from Sony Camera Jpegs.

It looks like a movie from Tarkovsky. Apocalyptic but filled with Nostalgia.

The Yellow and Green tones are stable pretty much no matter what, and that is the weakest point in sony cameras, which only further proves the versatility of this Film Picture Profile.

Here is a comparison between Sony's Standard profile with automatic white Balance vs The Kodak ultra Max 400 Film Simulation

Sony Standard Creative Style Look

Sony Kodak Ultra Max 400 Picture Profile Recipe

And something from outdoors.

Unfortunately this is the most colorful scene I could find on my way home

Sony Standard Creative Style Look

Sony Kodak Ultra Max 400 Picture Profile Recipe

Unfortunately there is not much vegetation or color to take photos of for reference at the moment, but the flowers just started to show up, so new Blog posts will have better & more lively references.

Even with this poopy weather you can see the powerful color shifting is going on with this Sony Film Simulation.

Usually shooting on these cloudy rainy days, you would end up spending time post processing to add a little spice to your images, but not when using the Kodak Ultra Max 400.

I'll leave you with a couple pictures from the last couple days, I am not proud of these shots, I'm not the greatest mood to be honest, and also the outdoor conditions are not helping, but they are a good reference to the color you can get with this Sony Film Simulation Recipe.

Loving to hear from you guys, sending me your shots & what you think about them. I reply to every message and every comment, so why not check in and say hello?

Express yourself. It's the way to connect.

Each Sony camera model will come with a slightly different color science, and the rule is, the newer the model, the more pleasing colors you will get, but it might need some slight adjustments to get the exact same color I do.

I am currently working on a video Explaining How to adjust these film recipes to your liking and how to create your very own Film Simulation using the Picture Profile Menu.

Subscribe and ring the notification bell to be notified of that video coming out.

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