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Unlocking Beauty: Best Sony Picture Profiles for Portraits

Updated: Feb 6

One of the most asked question from all, is probably 'which are the best Sony picture profiles for portraits?'

sony picture profiles for portraits
Best Sony picture profiles for portraits

And since the answer is quite subjective depending on your personal style, I made a list for multiple moods: standard beauty picture profiles for Sony, moody film simulations and black & white film simulations for portraits.

These are the best Sony picture profiles which will render the most pleasing skin tones from the bunch. Straight out of camera, without the need of editing or post-processing. Only straight out of camera JPEGs.

Let's go!

Best Sony Picture Profiles for Portraits

Beauty Portraits - Picture Profiles for Sony cameras

Senova Light - Ethereal Sony film simulation

Out of this world beauty, soft film like contrast and warm vintage colors, this Sony picture profile will add a touch of nostalgia to your images. Senova Light is the film simulation everybody should try out for their portraits.

Kodak Portra 800

kodak portra 800 film simulation sony picture profile settings
Kodak Portra 800 film simulation - Sony picture profile settings

Ultra-high dynamic range and buttery soft contrast with candy popping saturation, this Sony film simulation is the

Kodak Gold

Everybody loves the golden tones of Kodak colors. Kodak Gold is a classic and simply a one time favorite for many users.

Sony Eterna - Low Fidelity

Sony Classic Chrome

A classic for both Sony and Fujifilm lovers.

LeicaChrome 64

Kodak Portra 400

The Kodak Portra 400 film simulation will give you pleasing skin tones, high dynamic range - making it worthy of its Beauty Picture Profile title.


Another Film Simulation specific only to Sony cameras, Cinechrome has a unique way of focusing on deep blues and bright orange skin tones.

Kodak Portra 160

Pro Color

Rose Spectra XT

Specifically designed for portraits, Rose Spectra XT film simulation will give you subtle and beautiful pink skin tonalities. Perfect for people that want fairly accurate skin tones and toned down saturation.

Classic Cinema

A sunny & bright Sony picture profile, meant to replicate the look from some of my favorite 90's movies.

Kodak Color Plus

More subtle than Kodak Gold, this is a great variation for those who prefer more accurate skin tones while keeping some warmth to the image.

Classic Chrome


Moody Portraits - Picture Profiles for Sony cameras

Ektar 100

One of my favorites. And probably the film simulation that suffered the least amount of modifications over time, which only proves further what an amazing Sony picture profile it is.

Sony Classic Negative

The new addition to the Sony film simulation family, and it's one of a kind.

Zero Mute

Faded and warm colors, a hidden gem for the ones that want a picture profile with a unique faded character.

Zetra 100

Zetra 100 has a specific beauty which is hard to replicate even in Lightroom. Took me forever to match the presets with the JPEG. Enjoy!

Provia RX

Orange skin tonalities complimented a deep blue cast and overall deep colors. It's a film simulation that is characterized by simplicity while enveloped in slight mysterious beauty. Definitely one of my favorites, and not only for portraits.

Asteroid City

One of the new selections in the film simulation family, gaining tremendous popularity due to its ultra soft tonalities and gorgeous colors.

Black & White Picture Profiles for Sony

Delta 3200 - Soft and faded film simulation

Kosmo Pan - Muted and surreal film simulation

NeoMax - Bright and Dreamy film simulation

Ilford HP5 - Well balanced & Soft contrast film simulation

Hope this short list helps you decide on which is the best film simulation for your Sony camera!

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