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Evpro+ | The Only Custom Sony Picture Profile You Need

Updated: Feb 19

Whenever someone asks me ‘What Sony Picture Profile do you recommend?’ I always say Evpro+.

The One and Only. My favorite Sony Film Simulation Recipe, and that is because no matter what settings you use on it, it will look good!

best sony picture profile for stills

Sony Film Simulation Recipe - EvPro+ Sony Picture Profile

And not saying that all the others are not special or good.

This is just a very special Sony Film Simulation Recipe very dear to my heart.


Are you new around here? Get an intro into my work by reading about how to master the Sony Picture Profile feature.


The EvPro+ custom Sony Picture Profile

sunset photo with Evpro+

Straight out of Camera JPEG using Evpro+ Sony Film Simulation

The Evpro+ has a natural charm to its colors, super soft gradations from shadows to highlights, a 109% Video Output, making it easy to recover Burnt Highlights in post processing.

It's the best Low Light performer from all Sony Gammas, & a Low Base ISO allowing for much cleaner results than any HLG or Log profile.

It's easy to understand why this will be a top performer in almost any situation.

If you don't want much hassle and a straight forward color grading process - this is definitely one of the best Sony picture profile for stills & videos.

night time eerie vibe photo

A couple Random Out of Camera JPEGs shot with Evpro+

Most of the times, it comes so good straight out of the box - you don't even know what improvements you can bring to its image.

Usually the only thing I change, is the Black level. And it's so easy to adjust from the Picture Profile menu. If the image is too contrasty, I just raise the Black level to my desired liking.

Usually for Daytime, I go around -9 and Nighttime at -2.

If you have been watching my videos you know I love the crunch in my image, so I choose to crush the black by quite a bit, but you don't have to do the same thing.

Raise the black Level to get a more Faded Dreamy Kind of a Look.

Black Level set to -10


Black Level set to 0

So who is this Sony Picture Profile for?

This profile is versatile enough for any project, from Street to Landscape, Product Commercial to Cinema. I have relied on it for the majority of my work, and it never disappoints me.

I know what it's capable of.

Its versatility and color Beauty will make you save it as a first choice in the Sony Picture Profile Menu, ready to bring the most out of any kind of project.

While S-log has more dynamic range with the trade of worse noise performance,the EvPro+ has come in more handy in many occasions, rendering better color and contrast straight out of the box. This has saved me a lot of time that I would have spent color grading.

Choose the right film simulation for you & start creating

Two years ago when I started this, I would've never imagined it will hit so hard and evolve in such a long lasting project.

Initially I made 8 Sony Picture Profiles for myself, to ease my workflow, but they came out Soo Good, I felt the need to share them with the rest of the world.

Now we have over 50 Sony Film Simulations, and who knows how many to come?

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Don Ta
Don Ta
Jan 02, 2023

Nice! Thanks for sharing the tip on black levels with it! Do you use auto white balance? or a specific Kelvin number for the time of day as you go?

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