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Sony Film Simulations | Moments with Agfa Precisa

Updated: Feb 14

In this article I'll share some (a lot) of images taken a couple nights ago

with the Afga Precisa Sony Film Simulation Recipe.

All shots are straight out of camera, no editing involved, just copied and uploaded the JPEGs so you can see exactly what kind of colors you can get out of any Sony camera.

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For these photos I used the Sigma 24 mm f2 Contemporary which is an absolute beauty, made fully out of metal with an aperture ring, small size but also wide open at f2,

it's definitely an analog lover's dream come true.

When deciding on buying a new lens,

I really was looking for a small sized portable lens with a wide aperture.

So after hours of searching, the Sigma Contemporary was really the only logical way to go.

After mounting it on the camera, not only I loved the look and the feeling of it all,

but the images had a really good balance of detail and creamy bokeh.

No wonder I fell in love with it.

To make images even softer and to improve highlight falloff,

I also used a diffusion filter.

If you want a full review of this lens, let me know in the comments,

You might enjoy it as much as I do.

I mostly used only one color setting for these shots, didn't bother changing it since photos were coming out so good in all conditions. Sometimes I used the Crop Factor (Super-35 Mode) to zoom in a little, making some shots equivalent to a 32mm.

All images set as 20MP JPEGs at Fine Quality,

JPEG Noise Reduction set to Normal.

Isn't it just pure magic?

Cutting down de editing process completely,

photography becomes instantly much more enjoyable.

Opening the way for being more creative and present in the moment,

rather than spending hours and hours in front of the PC,

destroying your back, eyes, wrist and many more.

Sony Film Simulations are a delight.

All of these images were taken nighttime with various Light Sources,

for daytime samples, check out my last article on Afga Precisa.

Results are totally different Daytime vs Nighttime,

so you should Check it Out!

Saturated colors with crunchy shadows and sort of a Magical Whimsical feeling to it,

I believe most people will Enjoy this one being versatile and fit for most situations.

That's why I didn't even feel the need to change the Temperature values

when changing rooms, or the location all together, because it handled everything very nicely,

rendering beautiful colors in any situation.

And you can see that in the Images Down Bellow

I had a lot of fun playing around with this film simulation and I just love the gritty saturated How do you feel about it? Let us know in the comments!

Get Great Color Out of Sony Cameras!

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06 feb 2023

Pics look so raw mate! It's always nice to get that 1 lens that's magic as soon as you hold it. For me it's my Tamron 24mm 2.8. It's super light and has near macro capability.

Me gusta
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