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Nature Awaits | Oktar Sony Film Simulation Recipe

Updated: May 19, 2023

Here are a couple JPEGs from my last year mountain trip, all shot on Oktar Sony Film Simulation Picture Profile.

Since many people will first look on the Blog for Film Simulation Samples, I am transferring this article posted on the Forum last year.

This normally would be a #freshlybaked series, because this was my first time taking the Oktar Sony Film Simulation for a spin, so of course there will also be some sunky colors (not so nice colors) going on over the image. Since these photos were taken, many upgrades came to this picture profile, color and tones being calibrated. The main upgrades being higher saturation, corrected colors and skin tones. You'll see what I am talking about in the following images.

The Oktar Film Simulation was designed to be a Picture Profile characterized by harsh crunchy tonalities and cold desaturated colors.

I personally love the Greens and the Blues on this Sony Film Simulation, but I'd like the images to speak for themselves, so let's check them out.

Also important detail!

Just because I've taken some mountain shots with this Sony Picture Profile, doesn't mean this Film Simulation is to be used only in nature contexts. Be creative, use it on your own terms.

Straight Out Of Camera, Exported Websize in Capture One

This one was shot purposefully at higher kelvin for the Dramatique Effect

In the morning I tried a higher Kelvin value, but didn't wanna go that direction, so I just stick with the same settings the whole trip.

Morning Shot

Looks pretty cool out of camera

With the first version the yellows were a little bit too shifted towards green, resulting into yucky Lime colors

Unfortunately I didn't notice that while I was hiking, so I kept taking photos without any correction.

Highlights were way too crushed, and yellows too lifted, making skin tones roll off kinda wierd and unnaturally bright when over exposed. That was corrected in upcoming updates.

▲I really like the crunchy desaturated look from the photo above, but it needed a little bit more life to it, so in newer versions saturation was also lifted and it will look more like the following shot▼

A lot better if you ask me.

Nowadays oktar has gone through a couple updates and modifications, each further refining it for more pleasing colors and tonalities.

What do you think of this Sony Film Simulation Recipe?

Would you use it?

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