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Freshly Baked Series | The Perfect Sony Picture Profile for Artistic Use - Pro Color

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Model: Madas David

Let’s jumpstart this week on a positive note. I’ve been cooking a new Sony Picture Profile for you.

And it’s fresh out of the oven – ready to be sprinkled into your workflow.

Here’s a little snippet. I coined it “Pro Color”.

SOOC Camera Jpegs + Diffusion Filter

You know me, I’m spellbound about giving my shots that analog, old-school feel and Sony Picture Profiles are one of my favourite ways of doing this. This time I didn’t really focus on recreating a certain film stock – I just went with the flow.

And what came out is this profile with a high Tri-chromatic color scheme – the tendency being toward green, cyan, and yellow. A picture profile that’s super easy to use and with quite a specific look – it would work best for experimental, personal artistic projects. Wouldn't really recommend it for commercial shoots.

These are some quick snaps I’ve taken this morning while heading to the farmer’s market.

But stay put, a more thorough article about “Pro Color” is coming your way soon!

Want to experiment in the meantime?

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