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The Perfect Sony Picture Profile for Artistic Use | Freshly Baked Series

Updated: Mar 18

Let’s jumpstart this week on a positive note. I’ve been preparing a new Sony Picture Profile for you, which I believe is the perfect Sony Picture Profile for artistic projects.

And it’s fresh out of the oven – ready to be sprinkled into your workflow.

Sony picture profile for artistic use

Model: Madas David

Here’s a little snippet. I coined it “Pro Color”.

SOOC Camera Jpegs + Diffusion Filter

I love giving my shots that analog film look, and Sony Picture Profiles are one of my favorite ways of doing this. This time, I didn’t really focus on recreating a certain film stock – I just went with the flow. As always, getting great color straight out of camera.

The final result is a profile with a high Trichromatic color scheme – the tendency being toward yellow, green, and cyan. A picture profile that’s super easy to use and with quite a specific look, intended for artistic projects.

These are some quick snaps I’ve taken this morning while heading to the farmer’s market.

But stay put, a more thorough article about “Pro Color” is coming your way soon!

Want to experiment in the meantime?

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