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Freshly Baked Series | Panchromatic is the Only Black you need

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

This whole year we focused on getting better color and more film like contrast straight out of Sony cameras, and we saw it's possible. We saw that just by better understanding our camera functions and menu's, we could achieve more, we can get what nobody thought it would be possible. Great Color out of Sony cameras.

We have replicated the Fuji Eterna Film Simulation, Fujifilm Classic Chrome, Classic Negative Kodachrome 64 which was without any questions my most difficult challenge yet so far, resulting to a total of 30 Sony Film Simulation Recipes!

It's has been almost one year of Sony Film Simulations, which is so crazy now to look back at all the challenges, the hardships and all the things that were created and achieved this year for Sony cameras, but first, I want to Thank you all for the wonderful comments

and the support received!

Now, Winter is here, and with its arrival, all colors faded away. Maybe it's time to end the year with a couple Black n White Sony Film Simulation Recipes that will make us reflect more on our inner self.

Maybe we need to slow down and just be attentive to our own emotions and thoughts.

What is really going on in there

and what are the steps to a better & healthy lifestyle?

Should we just keep on going on as we did this year?

Should we keep on wanting more? Work more, eat more, live more,

or by actually taking it slow and having less distractions around us,

We enable a more fulfilled life?

Since color is not a distraction, Black n white photography forces us to focus more on composition and the meaning of the photo, rather than how pretty everything is around us.

And that's exactly what I am doing in the last month of the year, I'm reflecting more on composing my life in a different direction, trying in finding a new perspective and stop distracting me with fun things to do.

I just want to ease my mind and find the answer to my own question, which is,

'How can I find peace of mind?'

Because more never brought me enough.

Shooting Black&White it's a good practice in framing life differently, but also to see life with a new perspective. Maybe focusing more on the meaning of things, on how we feel, on reconnecting with friends and family, and be welcome hardship with compassion.

It's okay to feel hollow, sad or even overwhelmed by everything going around nowadays, and maybe we don't hear that enough, or maybe we don't offer our self enough words of understanding and compassion.

At the end it's important to reconnect with our inner self, with who we really are and what we really need, because as human we tend to overly complicated our life with unnecessary things, and thoughts or action.

So let's remind our self that we are worthy of love and to be as kind as possible

with people around us :)

Thank you for reading!

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