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Kodak Gold Film Simulation for Sony Cameras - a walk down memory's lane

Kodak Gold film simulation on Sony a7iii
Kodak Gold on Sony a7III - Blurred background people

| Kodak Gold Film Simulation for Sony Cameras — Straight Out Of Camera Street Photography |

Information and choices overload us every day. The amount of decisions we have to make daily surpasses our brain's capacity. Juggling work deadlines, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and being a supportive parent, spouse, or friend can feel like a constant tightrope walk. We all ask ourselves, “How do I balance it all and still have time for myself?”.

This mental overload wears us out. Even simple decisions like breakfast (“Bacon with eggs? How many slices?”) can be tough.

Choosing a film simulation for your Sony camera shouldn’t be one of those hard choices. It should be a creative and enjoyable process. And that's why I'm here for!

So let's talk a little bit about the Kodak Gold film simulation for Sony, which is one of the Initial 8 Sony Film Simulation recipes!

The Kodak Gold 200 film — a timeless classic

Kodak Gold film example - warmth and nostalgia

Source - Lens Lurker

Kodak Gold was originally released in the 80's, as part of the Kodacolor series. It quickly became a popular and beloved choice for snapshots, portraits, and casual photography thanks to its pleasant color rendition and affordable price. While it was discontinued for many years, Kodak re-released Gold film in 1997 under their “Gold” line. It was later discontinued. Luckily, it was released again as part of the Gold series in 1997.

And it's a timeless classic.

Despite being a budget film stock(not sure about that anymore), it delivers. It has a nice grain, provides flexibility in exposure, it's easy to handle, has pleasant skin tones, and leans on warmer colors.

No wonder it was the to-go holiday film stock for most folks back in the day. It's the film that captured many of our childhood memories. I'm pretty sure you can find some family pics taken with this Kodak film.

It was and still is one of the most popular film stocks in the world. However, due to short supply and inflation, Kodak Gold also saw a surge in its price point. In Romania, you can get it for about 10–11 euros.

In 2018, it retailed for approximately 5 euros. What started as a bargain ended up being quite the luxury. It's still one of the cheapest on the market, but times have changed.

Sooo - If you're a Sony camera user, and you miss shooting film, this Kodak Gold film simulation for Sony might tickle your fancy. So let's check it out!

Kodak Film Simulation for Sony cameras - a walk down memory's lane

Kodak Gold film simulation on Sony a7iii during sunset in Bucharest
Kodak Gold Street Photography - Blurred background

With Super crunchy shadows and deep, vibrant, great colors, this profile is ready to go out of the box.

Kodak Gold will give you some interesting results without too much hassle. After all, there is only one way to go color-wise. And that is Hot!!

Choose something super hot like 7800K with A5-G3 or A7-M1 in the Color Filter depending on how Yellow or Green Tinted you want it, try to expose it for the subject, and it's good to go!

What is Kodak Gold good for?

Well, this simulation works in pretty much any context. That's what makes it so fun to play with. It renders some pleasant skin tones - which makes it a top Sony picture profile for portraits. Most people love its golden tones.

However, I would not use it in commercial stuff - where you need an accurate color depiction. But if you're going for a more artistic project or editorial stuff - it could be the right fit.


Color Plus 200 & Kodak Gold are the go-to stocks for many film enthusiasts on a budget. Check out the article to see the Color Plus film simulation in action!


Post-processing tips for Kodak Gold

While the straight-out-of-camera JPEGs look great, fine-tuning in Lightroom or Capture One can enhance the film-like qualities. However, if you want to focus more on shooting, and less on editing — the Kodak Gold preset is available for Lightroom and Capture One!

See the Kodak Film Simulation in Action

Here are some samples of photos taken with the Kodak Film Simulation for Sony cameras.

You can see how the profile adds a warm and nostalgic touch to the photos.

Kodak Gold film simulation for Sony - shots taken on a summer stroll through Bucharest.

Kodak Gold is one of those Gritty Sony Picture Profiles that can render very nostalgic, moody imagery if exposed correctly!

So give yourself some slack and ease your mind.


Install this Sony Film Simulation in your Sony Camera and just go for a walk.

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