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Kodak Gold | Sony Film Simulation Recipe Picture Profiles

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

| Kodak Gold Sony Film Simulation SOOC Street Photography |

Everyday we are being bombarded with so much information from every direction, to which we have to respond with smart decisions which will hopefully make our life easier,

so things can get overwhelming pretty easily.

It is said that the Human Brain can take a Limited Number of decisions each day, and nowadays we are struggling to bite more than we can chew.

It goes from How to Balance out the Work hours with a Healthy lifestyle, How to be a good parent, spouse or friend, and how the hell do I still have time for myself in the meanwhile?

This can easily lead to exhaustion and feeling perplexed by even simple questions, like

'How many slices of bacon I want next to my eggs for this morning?'


'What Sony Film Simulation Recipe should I be using today?'

Well I cannot answer all those questions for you, but luckily I can answer the last one.

So let's talk a little bit about Kodak Gold here, which is one of the Initial 8 Sony Film Simulations!

With Super crunchy shadows and deep vibrant colors, this profile is ready to go out of the box.

Kodak Gold will give you some interesting results without too much hassle, after all, there is only one way to go color wise, and that is Hot!!

Choose something super hot like 7800K with A5-G3 or A7-M1 in the Color Filter depending how Yellow or Green Tinted you want it, try to expose for the subject and it's good to go!

Here are some samples.

Kodak Gold is one of those Gritty Picture Profiles which can render very nostalgic, moody imagery if exposed correctly!

So give yourself some slack and ease your mind

Install this Sony Film Simulation in your Sony Camera and just go for a walk

Nothing good can be done when we are too stressed.

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