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sony film simulation chart

Sony Film Simulation Chart


Download the Sony Film Simulation Recipes Chart on your Device to always guide you in choosing your Favorite Film Simulation Picture Profile.


The chart is meant to help you choose the Sony Film Simulation of your desired look. Let's say you generally would like a saturated but soft image, you can go with Ektachrome, DreamNeg, CineChrome or Portra 800,
if you into something more crunchy but desaturated you have the Kodak Ultra Max400, Ektar100, Classic Negative, Oktar and so on.


So the chart will show you which sony film simulations are the more saturated, less saturated, softer or harder in terms of contrast, so you can easily skip all the testing of profiles, by narrowing down the options. it helps you find the one you love much faster


We have over 30 Sony Film Simulations, so choosing one might be overwhelming So the chart is a Helping Guide in choosing your favourite one.


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